How do your customers feel when they enter your gym? Do they feel safe? Looked-after? At home? It’s so important to take care of your customers from the moment they walk through your doors.

I noticed that during the holidays, when we would decorate the parent lobby with a tree and lights, we got significantly less complaints during this time. Was it all down to holiday cheer? Maybe, I wondered. But maybe… just maybe it was how good it felt for parents to hang out in our lobby, regardless of the decorations.

So, I made the decision to make the parent lobby a positive and inviting space all year round. Then I applied this to the entire gym. After detailed crafting of our enviroment, from the bathrooms to the flooring, to how our staff respond to our customers we managed to create a home away from home.

In this episode of the Beyond the Mat podcast, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes to reveal just how we built the ideal experience for everyone who enters our gym. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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Takeaways From This Episode

  • How parents feel when they enter your gym plays a crucial role in whether on not they will become customers

  • The smallest detail matters. Can the floors be easily mopped? How does it smell? Are the staff genuinely interested in your customers’ lives?

  • Honor your members in what they achieve in a place that potential customers can see

  • Treat your staff well with a place they can go to get away from the bustle, vent if necessary, recharge, and get back out there!

  • Recruiting staff who create the right experience can be a trial-and-error process. When you find a superstar, cling on to them if you can

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