Did you know that credit cards can help grow your business?

Sometimes it’s easy to get so carried away with our budgets that we don’t consider how we’re going to turn a profit. Surprisingly, many gym owners are unaware that credit cards can offer some great rewards and actually help to create higher profits for your gym.

While most gyms have a gym debit card, they usually don’t offer the same rewards that you can get from cards like American Express’ Platinum Card. Credit cards like this can offer rewards that you can put towards expenses like travel costs, food, gift certificates and so on.

When used properly, credit cards can help your gym boost profits and increase your bottom line. However, knowing how to use credit cards to increase profitability can be tricky if you don’t know where to begin.

In this episode of the Beyond the Mat podcast, I reveal how you can take credit cards and use them to increase your profitability.

Creating Profitability From Your Credit Cards

Takeaways From This Episode

  • The best type of credit cards to help make your gym more profitable

  • What rewards and interest rates you can expect from different credit cards

  • How to get your business name on the credit card

  • Why you should create a chart to track your expenses

  • How to use your business credit card to increase profits

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