Entrepreneur and speaker Tanya Roesel is the host of the Beyond the Mat podcast and the owner of MidWest Cheer Elite , one of the most profitable gyms in the country.

Tanya knows what it takes to run a successful business…she’s been doing it since 2003 when she opened her first gym. Since then under her leadership, it’s grown to include nearly 100 employees across seven locations.

You’re the expert when it comes to teaching, coaching, training, and leading your students and clients — but without a solid plan in place, you have no business! That’s where Tanya’s expertise comes in.

As an international speaker, Tanya travels to conferences across the country and around the globe teaching gym owners about all the things “off the mat” that are key to running a successful business, including finances, marketing, merchandising, customer service, accounting, choreography, hiring and training top talent, and more.

Her vision for this podcast is provide a comprehensive approach to running an All-Star Cheer and Gym business — both on the mat and beyond.