Do you dream of growing your gym into one of the most profitable gyms in the country? If so, it’s time for All-Star Cheer and gym owners to rejoice!

My brand-new podcast, Beyond the Mat, is live and ready to bring you everything you need to build a successful business beyond the 2.5 minutes on the mat. If you’re struggling to get customers through the door and have no idea how to market to the right students and clients, this is the perfect podcast for you.

With an effective and strategic marketing plan in place, you’ll soon have a line-up of potential clients and students ready to sign-up for a membership at your gym. In this debut episode of the Beyond the Mat, you’ll discover a cartwheel of useful tips and advice to help you market your gym during the summer months.

I recorded this episode back at the beginning of July so I can explain what marketing techniques I’m implementing right now, AND I can help you prepare and plan for next year. If you want a busy gym in the summer, you need to implement marketing tactics now so that you can prepare and plan for next summer. Think about all of the events, parades and festivals that take place in the summer…if you time your marketing strategies just right, you can take full advantage and get your name in front of as many people as possible.

If you already have a fantastic gym ready and waiting, all you need to do is get people through the door! So, listen in to learn how to create a summer marketing strategy that not only builds brand awareness but brings customers in the door and boosts profits.

A Guide to Summer Marketing for Gym Owners

Takeaways From This Episode

  • How to market your gym at popular summer events

  • How to cross-promote with local shops and businesses

  • The type of coupons you should use when promoting your gym

  • How to get your brand name into schools when kids go back in September

  • How to run a successful Post-It note contest

  • Why Planners are so important

  • How to increase your conversion rate and raise brand awareness

If you found these marketing tips helpful, there is so much more to come! So, make sure you tell your gym owner friends about it and subscribe to the podcast to keep up with new episodes!

To check out a short video trailer of the episode, hit play below: